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Montana Antelope Hunts...

…Antelope are probably the most underrated big game animal in North America.  Many of our hunters’ book return trips after discovering just how fun and challenging these pronghorn antelope are.  Not only are they among the fastest animals on the planet they also have incredible vision.  This combination makes spot and stalk hunting antelope in the open range a real challenge.  Contrary to popular belief antelope meat provides excellent table fare and they also make handsome trophies.

Montana Antelope Archery Buck

All of our Antelope hunts are (3) day hunts.  Either sex licenses as well as doe/fawn licenses are issued on a draw basis.  Doe fawn licenses are optional and are not required to be purchased when coming on an Antelope hunt with Walker Outfitting.  See the rates for additional information on licensing.

Archery antelope hunting is one of the best experiences we offer at Walker Outfitting.  We use ground blinds in and around agricultural pivots and along game trails, accompanied with full size decoys to bring bucks into close bow range.  This combination can be absolutely deadly during the antelope rut which starts around mid-September and continues into October.  Once the rifle season opens in October the ranch receives another infusion of antelope from surrounding areas due to pressure.  This is one reason why we continue to archery hunt after the rifle season has opened and also why you will see some of our archery hunters wearing a blaze orange vest in the archery antelope gallery.

Rifle antelope hunts begin after the first full week in October and continue until mid-November depending on the year.  Since antelope bucks start dropping their horn sheaths in November the later you come the riskier the proposition can be.  Although rifle tags are more difficult to draw than archery only antelope tags they are well worth the wait.  Antelope numbers are very strong in Dillon and give hunters the opportunity to look over numerous 12” – 14” bucks; we strive to find something bigger for the fortunate rifle tag holder to take home.

Montana Antelope Archery Buck