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Montana Elk Hunts...

…Our elk hunts take place in the south west part of Montana near Dillon.  Unlike many elk hunting areas the terrain where the ranch headquarters is located is quite gentle.  The majority of elk hunting takes place here in the aspen and willow creek bottoms.  The elk are highly visible as they feed out and move to and from an aspen or willow cluster into open sage country.  Although this area is considered high desert, the two creeks that flow through the ranch create marsh and bog like ground, which provides excellent grasses and wallows for the rutting elk and moose.

Montana Rifle Elk with Walker Outfitting

This area has the added benefit of supporting antelope herds as well as the elk herds. We highly recommend that our archery hunters make this a combination hunt because of the excellent antelope numbers on the upper and lower ranches.  Since elk are typically hunted during the rut in the morning and late afternoon when they are the most vocal, the middle part of the day can be spent in the pursuit of antelope.  This keeps a hunter in the field for as long as they want in search of big game.

Montana Archery Elk with Walker Outfitting

The elk archery hunt may be the most exciting outdoor experience there is in Montana.  Nothing compares to a rut crazed bull running into range of a hunter hell bent on destroying that unseen antagonistic bull (the caller).  For the archery hunter practice is paramount - shooting from both kneeling and sitting positions and dialing in your broadheads before you come out on your hunt.  This cannot be stressed enough and will make your experience reach the heights you attain in your dreams.
Rifle hunters have done well on the property at times with opening weekend being the best time on average.  Archery is definitely the most consistent time because after the rut has concluded the herds are affected both by the weather and pressure alike and can be difficult.  Whoever said there is no such thing as an easy elk was definitely on to something.  In my experience free range elk are earned and definitely worth the effort!